During 2007 we opened our first guesthouse named Helena's Guesthouse in Kroonstad and it was a huge success. The reason for the success was firstly our tariff was very competitive and secondly our personal attention. Another reason was that the chalet was seperate from the main house. Customers do like their privacy. And this is what makes Helenas guesthouse such a popular overnight accommodation chalet. Total privacy and self catering separate from the main house together with safe parking

That is the reasons why we have decided to open our second guesthouse called Villa Aminta Guesthouse. It is situated in a secure complex with safe parking.

Kroonstad-More Information

Kroonstad is the third-largest metropoli of the Free State province of South Africa and lies two hours drive from Gauteng. Despite its allusion to royalty( kroon is Afrikaans for' crown ') Kroonstad has much more humble begins, rumoured "mustve been" named after a colt are subordinate to one of the Voortrekker captains- the jury is out as to whether it was Sarel Celliers or Adriaan de la Rey- who may or may not had a meeting with an accident in a river named Kroonspruit .

Notwithstanding this, Kroonstad is said to be one of the Free State's loveliest towns and lies on the banks of the Vals River,  roughly two hours' drive from Johannesburg .
Kroonstad lies in an area is characterized by open spaces and an inexhaustible variety of vegetation that starts it specially beautiful. Kroonstad is a quaint city that serves as a good pit stop en route between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, lying as it does at practically the halfway brand. The fine a few examples of Herbert Baker architecture such as the Post office, the Standard Bank building and the City Hall, make a visit here virtually obligatory .
Kroonstad offers an array of pleasures that include flea market, a tea garden-variety, fishing on the Vals River or at the Bloemhok Dam, marching paths and sport viewing in Boskoppie game reserve.Things to see around Kroonstad -
The Kroonstad Concentration Camp Cemetery lies near the scene of the clique during the Second Boer War that through unjust program and bad logistics accompanied the deaths among so many women and children. The special design in slate and marble is stunning, the granite grave markers symbolising the untimely legislating of so many. The graveyard is maintained by a committee of seven local volunteers they deserve great credit for stopping this sad patch of autobiography alive for benefit of future generations .
A startling area to appreciate. A austere silence hangs over the internment camp graveyard. 2000 boer women and children laid to rest. A beautifully kept graveyard, that pays tribute to the victims of the cruel
Scorched Earth policy that Britain maintained during the Anglo Boer War between 1989 - 1902 .

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